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ANY PHOTOGRAPHER who wants to capture wildlife, there is no better place to be than in Africa, the continent with the biggest, tallest, fastest and rarest creatures in the world. Shooting wildlife is different from anything else; it is unpredictable, and every milli-second is different from the next. Nothing stays the same; that is the excitement of photographing the wild on safari.

As unpredictable as animals are, knowledge and more importantly, a respect for wildlife is vital. An image should engage all the senses; the air, the smells, the light and dust; giving the narrative and passion in a glance.

Along with casual workshops and photo safaris, in various projects, her images are utilised in tourism to Africa—a valuable role in the economy and conservation.
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"Wildlife is unpretentious in its spirit; it's not our jurisdiction and plays according to her rules. There is nothing more rewarding to look at an image and know I was there at that moment and was privileged to witness it."

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